AZNA city in iran

This township is located 36 km east of Dorood and 24 kmwest of Aligoodarz. It experiences cold winters and moderate summers. About 600years ago the Armenians immigrated to this area, forming the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />village of Azna,then the muslims replaced them and took over agriculture. This town ship is enroute Esfahan-Khuzestan and is connected to the railway net work of thecountry. Azna township is located between 49 degree and 27 minutes lengthand 33 degree and 27 minutes geographical width .it is limited to the Lorestanprovince in the north east and to the markazi province (central) in the northand to the Aligodarz township in the east and to the Oshtorankouh heights in thesouth and to the Dourod township in the west . Azna township with theexpansion of 1212 square kilometers includes about 4.3 percent of the whole areaof province and this township include the relative density 90.6 individuals perkilometer.This township includes one urban point and one quarter and four ruraldistricts. The population of this township is around 75000 individuals thatincludes 4.5 present of whole population of province. Some of the factorieswhich are very important are the decrease of around growth rate in this townshipimmigration of this township to the neighboring township "Dourod" and also theparallel province of Esfahan province that both are cases because of the moresuitable work force of these lands . From the total population of 72583individuals in this township , 16824 are active individuals with the economicview . unemployment rate in comparison with its similar figure in province isless than 5.3 present. Employment rate of this township with this very amount ,that is 5.3 percent with regard its similar figure is higher in the province.The most activities of work forces has been in the agricultural sectorand specialized active forces in the industrial sector of township formed fromthe productive units and stone industries and also parallel province such asEsfahan and Markazi and also Dourod are working now. Azna economic special zone with the expansion of 71 hectares according toits distinguished situation due to the location in vicinity with the industrialprovinces and due to high potential according to the ability of unbothering useof specialized forces of domestic province will be one of the more industrialpoles of country . so that the most financial and technical investing done onbehalf of province custedians.From the topography view this districts is located at the mountainous andcold area .Placing in the desirable lands of industrial agriculture and vicinitywith the “Oshtoran Kouh” from the elevation nice summits of Zagros with thebeautiful views is located at the nearness of beautiful area of Azna Darband.Maximum and minimum temperature of this region is about 33.3 and –28.5centigrade .Maximum win speed is 16 meter per second and amount precipitationaverage of year is about 525 mm that is a remarkable record in the country.Wind direction in this region is north west and for the purpose of arrangementsand pollution and making pollution is in the minor situation. Limits  licenceof  this espicial economic zone is  based on  the  goverment licence <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />





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